About Us

Project Privacy

Since an intensive research lasting several months and a workshop at a democratic school in March 2018, we have been dedicated to defending privacy in the digital space. Our contribution is education – on this website, through our flyers and through workshops at schools, companies and institutions where privacy is important.

Increasing interconnectedness enables us to communicate with each other at all times and accelerates many social processes. Helping to shape digitalisation means taking advantage of opportunities and minimizing risks.

Helping to Shape Digitalisation

Providing Orientation

How does data protection work in the digital space? What should we pay attention to? Which reconstructions are there? We provide information material, give lectures and facilitate projects at schools and companies on data protection and privacy.

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Mission statement

We feel committed to a tradition of organisations that work towards “an economy that serves the people” (Amartaya Sen). On this path, it is indispensable to aim at a sustainable improvement of the living conditions of as many people as possible – locally and globally. In our globalised world, this is a high demand, as the economic, ecological and social interrelationships are becoming increasingly complex: Cause and effect can be geographically far apart, as climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, but also digitalisation impressively demonstrate. In the modern age everything is interconnected.

In this sense, digitalisation is a major challenge and, in our view, it ought to be a democratic process in which risks are considered at all levels: In the use of digital and social media, in the integration into politics, educational and health services. Project Privacy helps shape the future thought education – especially in the area of data protection and preservation of privacy in the digital space. We can observe rising threats for our liberties here, which we would like to counteract.

And the good news is: we are not alone!


We can use every helping hand: Would you like to facilitate a privacy project or would you like to distribute our material in your region? Take part in the digital self-defense of our society!