Why Does Data Privacy and Security Matter?

because digitalisation is advancing

In less than two decades, new technologies have changed our work, our communication and our lives. In the course of an euphoria of progress, data protection has been vastly neglected – but things can’t go on like this. Numerous scandals1)Fortune: Google Still Doesn’t Care About Your Privacy2)WIRED: Who’s Listening When You Talk to Your Google Assistant?3)WIRED: Security News This Week: Android Tracks Your Location Even When You Ask It Not To prove that a democratic and sustainable digitalisation depends on user’s privacy!

The right to privacy is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.4)Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Artile 12 It is therefore the task of politics to guarantee the protection of privacy and to sanction violations. Laws such as the EU GDPR are important, but only small steps forward. Therefore, we ourselves, have to take action!

Because Privacy Is a Fundamental and Human Right

because this fundamental right is currently under threat

Some companies realised early on that a lot of money can be made with our data. Their business models are based on the sale of user profiles to companies that subsequently send us advertising tailored to our needs. This is not only the sale of our privacy, but also a concentration of power5)Shushana Zuboff: Once we searched Google, now it searches us. that can easily be abused. Let’s not put that to risk! Let’s not make the stakes that high! Let’s not risk it all at once!

...And Because It's so Easy!

Usually a few clicks are enough to switch to services that protect your privacy.

What Makes a Service One You Should Use?

If an online service is secure, e.g. because of utilisation of advanced encryption, private in the sence that it keeps the data that is collected to a bare minimum as well as transparent by providing access to its software’s source code for inspection (open source) – one can speak of a privacy respecting service.

There are alternatives!

On this website you will find the results of our research of the most important online services with regard to the three central data protection criteria we have established. There are alternatives – so just switch over and finally surf, chat and (net)work without worries!